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Boss History for Shade of Akama

First kill: 06/09/2007
Total kills: 63
Item Drop Rate
Acid Inscribed Greaves1.59%
Plans: Swiftsteel Bracers1.59%
Praetorian's Legguards9.52%
Amice of Brilliant Light14.29%
Kilt of Immortal Nature12.7%
Wristbands of Divine Influence11.11%
Blind-Seers Icon17.46%
Myrmidon's Treads6.35%
Ring of Deceitful Intent28.57%
Shadow-walker's Cord17.46%
Spiritwalker Gauntlets9.52%
Pattern: Swiftheal Wraps1.59%
Pattern: Swiftstrike Bracers1.59%
Focused Mana Bindings12.7%
Flashfire Girdle7.94%
Shoulders of the Hidden Protector15.87%
Grips of Silent Justice11.11%
The Seeker's Wristguards1.59%
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