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Boss History for Eredar Twins

First kill: 04/20/2008
Total kills: 28
Item Drop Rate
Acid Inscribed Greaves3.57%
Band of Ruinous Delight21.43%
Grip of Mannoroth14.29%
Belt of the Forgotten Protector10.71%
Belt of the Forgotten Vanquisher10.71%
Boots of the Forgotten Conqueror7.14%
Boots of the Forgotten Protector28.57%
Boots of the Forgotten Vanquisher14.29%
Bracers of the Forgotten Conqueror7.14%
Bracers of the Forgotten Protector7.14%
Bracers of the Forgotten Vanquisher10.71%
Archon's Gavel21.43%
Shiv of Exsanguination17.86%
Stanchion of Primal Instinct21.43%
Crimson Paragon's Cover25%
Shroud of Redeemed Souls17.86%
Mantle of the Golden Forest25%
Golden Bow of Quel'Thalas14.29%
Shiv of Exsanguination7.14%
Amice of the Convoker14.29%
Sin'dorei Pendant of Conquest28.57%
Sin'dorei Pendant of Salvation25%
Sin'dorei Pendant of Triumph21.43%
Book of Highborne Hymns25%
Amulet of Unfettered Magics17.86%
Shoulderpads of Vehemence17.86%
Equilibrium Epaulets17.86%
Pauldrons of Perseverance7.14%
Shawl of Wonderment25%
Sin'dorei Band of Salvation10.71%
Spaulders of Reclamation21.43%
Spaulders of the Thalassian Savior7.14%
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