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Boss History for M'uru

First kill: 05/28/2008
Total kills: 22
Item Drop Rate
Gauntlets of the Soothed Soul18.18%
Shifting Naaru Sliver27.27%
Steely Naaru Sliver13.64%
Ring of Hardened Resolve22.73%
Ring of Omnipotence13.64%
Sin'dorei Band of Dominance22.73%
Sin'dorei Band of Salvation31.82%
Sin'dorei Band of Triumph31.82%
Garments of Serene Shores18.18%
Harness of Carnal Instinct13.64%
Robes of Faltered Light27.27%
Glimmering Naaru Sliver13.64%
Aegis of Angelic Fortune13.64%
Vicious Hawkstrider Hauberk13.64%
Warharness of Reckless Fury4.55%
Shadowed Gauntlets of Paroxysm9.09%
Heroic Judicator's Chestguard13.64%
Fel Conquerer Raiments13.64%
Sunglow Vest9.09%
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