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Boss History for The Iron Council

First kill: 04/15/2009
Total kills: 33
Item Drop Rate
Steelbreaker's Embrace12.12%
Runed Ironhide Boots18.18%
Overload Legwraps15.15%
Fragment of Val'anyr6.06%
Insurmountable Fervor15.15%
Radiant Seal12.12%
Raiments of the Iron Council15.15%
Archivum Data Disc57.58%
Drape of the Lithe18.18%
Rune Edge9.09%
Belt of Colossal Rage12.12%
Sapphire Amulet of Renewal3.03%
Sapphire Amulet of Renewal6.06%
Unblinking Eye12.12%
Iron-studded Mantle15.15%
Shoulderpads of the Intruder6.06%
Handguards of the Enclave12.12%
Runeshaper's Gloves24.24%
Greaves of Swift Vengeance9.09%
Fang of Oblivion9.09%
Drape of Mortal Downfall3.03%
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