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Boss History for Horridon - Heroic

First kill: 03/12/2013
Total kills: 43
Item Drop Rate
Venomlords Totemic Wand6.98%
Petrified Eye of the Basilisk2.33%
Puncture-Proof Greathelm2.33%
Horn-Rimmed Doomcloak4.65%
Vaccinators Armwraps2.33%
Bindings of Multiplicative Strikes6.98%
Spark of Zandalar4.65%
Wastewalkers Sandblasted Drape4.65%
Bloodlords Bloodsoaked Legplates2.33%
Horridons Tusk Fragment9.3%
Roots of Rampaging Earth2.33%
Horridons Last Gasp2.33%
Frozen Warlords Bracers6.98%
Spaulders of Dinomancy2.33%
Flamecasters Burning Crown18.6%
Dinomancers Spiritbinding Spire9.3%
Armplates of the Vanquished Abomination13.95%
Zeegs Ancient Kegsmasher2.33%
Jalaks Maelstrom Staff13.95%
Lost Shoulders of Fluidity2.33%
Legguards of Scintillating Scales16.28%
Spawn of Horridon2.33%
Bloodlords Bloodsoaked Legplates - Heroic TF2.33%
Petrified Eye of the Basilisk - Heroic6.98%
Horridons Tusk Fragment4.65%
Armplates of the Vanquished Abomination - Heroic TF2.33%
Horridon\'s Tusk Fragment - Heroic2.33%
Petrified Eye of the Basilisk - Heroic TF6.98%
Lost Shoulders of Healing - Heroic2.33%
Bindings of Multiplicative Strikes - Heroic TF4.65%
Legguards of Scintillating Scales - Heroic TF2.33%
Sullithuz Sandmail - Heroic TF2.33%
Horridons Last Gasp - Heroic4.65%
Spark of Zandalar - Heroic2.33%
Roots of Rampaging Earth - Heroic4.65%
Bloodlords Bloodsoaked Legplates - Heroic20.93%
Sullithuz Sandmail - Heroic9.3%
Horridons Last Gasp - Heroic TF11.63%
Horn-Rimmed Doomcloak - Heroic4.65%
Dinomancers Spiritbinding Spire - Heroic9.3%
Wastewalkers Sandblasted Drape - Heroic9.3%
Nadagasts Exsanguinator - Heroic TF2.33%
Venomlords Totemic Wand - Heroic TF2.33%
Talisman of Living Poison - Heroic13.95%
Wastewalkers Sandblasted Drape - Heroic TF4.65%
Spaulders of Dinomancy - Heroic4.65%
Vaccinators Armwraps - Heroic TF2.33%
Bindings of Multiplicative Strikes - Heroic6.98%
Puncture-Proof Greathelm - Heroic6.98%
Jalaks Maelstrom Staff - Heroic TF2.33%
Venomlords Totemic Wand - Heroic4.65%
Flamecasters Burning Crown - Heroic9.3%
Frozen Warlords Bracers - Heroic Thunderforged2.33%
Spark of Zandalar - Heroic Thunderforged4.65%
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