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Boss History for Tortos - Heroic

First kill: 03/12/2013
Total kills: 44
Item Drop Rate
Beakbreaker Greatcloak4.55%
Shimmershell Cape9.09%
Stonegaze Hood2.27%
Rockfall Ribwraps2.27%
Azure Shell Bracers11.36%
Shoulderguards of Centripetal Destruction13.64%
Spaulders of Quaking Fear4.55%
Refreshing Abalone Girdle4.55%
Crystal-Claw Gloves15.91%
Shell-Coated Wristplates9.09%
Tortos Shellseizers9.09%
Grips of Vampiric Cruelty6.82%
Shellsplitter Greataxe9.09%
Amulet of the Primal Turtle9.09%
Tortos Discarded Shell6.82%
Shimmershell Cape - Heroic6.82%
Tortos Discarded Shell - Heroic TF9.09%
Shimmershell Cape - Heroic TF4.55%
Rockfall Ribwraps - Heroic TF2.27%
Refreshing Abalone Girdle - Heroic9.09%
Vampire Bat-Hide Bracers - Heroic6.82%
Spaulders of Quaking Fear - Heroic13.64%
Shoulderguards of Centripetal Destruction - Heroic9.09%
Grips of Vampiric Cruelty - Heroic13.64%
Azure Shell Bracers - Heroic4.55%
Beakbreaker Greatcloak - Heroic13.64%
Stonegaze Hood - Heroic TF4.55%
Beady-Eye Bracers - Heroic TF4.55%
Stonegaze Hood - Heroic20.45%
Beady-Eye Bracers - Heroic9.09%
Rockfall Ribwraps - Heroic13.64%
Jerthud, Graceful Hand of the Savior - Heroic TF2.27%
Azure Shell Bracers - Heroic TF9.09%
Quakestompers - Heroic18.18%
Beakbreaker Greatcloak - Heroic TF2.27%
Spaulders of Quaking Fear - Heroic TF2.27%
Crystal-Claw Gloves - Heroic TF4.55%
Amulet of the Primal Turtle - Heroic6.82%
Shattered Tortoiseshell Longbow - Heroic TF2.27%
Fyns Flickering Dagger - Heroic2.27%
Shattered Tortoiseshell Longbow - Heroic6.82%
Robes of Concussive Shocks - Heroic4.55%
Quakestompers - Heroic Thunderforged2.27%
Refreshing Abalone Girdle - Heroic Thunderforged4.55%
Vampire Bat-Hide Bracers - Heroic Thunderforged2.27%
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