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Boss History for Jinrokh the Breaker - Heroic

First kill: 03/12/2013
Total kills: 45
Item Drop Rate
Chestplate of Violent Detonation6.67%
Jinrokhs Dreamshard6.67%
Sign of the Bloodied God4.44%
Alsets Tormented Leggings4.44%
Worldbreakers Stormscythe2.22%
Bracers of Constant Implosion11.11%
Renatakis Soul Charm8.89%
Drape of Booming Nights2.22%
Cloudbreaker Greatbelt6.67%
Fissure-Split Shoulderwraps2.22%
Lightning-Eye Hood2.22%
Soulblade of the Breaking Storm17.78%
Spearmans Jingling Leggings17.78%
Ghostbinder Greatboots4.44%
Robes of Static Bursts6.67%
Lost Shoulders of Fire2.22%
Fissure-Split Shoulderwraps - Heroic TF8.89%
Chestplate of Violent Detonation - Heroic TF2.22%
Sign of the Bloodied God - Heroic TF8.89%
Sign of the Bloodied God - Heroic8.89%
Drape of Booming Nights - Heroic6.67%
Infinitely Conducting Bracers - Heroic TF6.67%
Cloudbreaker Greatbelt - Heroic TF6.67%
Infinitely Conducting Bracers - Heroic6.67%
Ghostbinder Greatboots - Heroic13.33%
Jinrokhs Dreamshard - Heroic6.67%
Bracers of Constant Implosion - Heroic2.22%
Chestplate of Violent Detonation - Heroic11.11%
Static-Shot Shoulderguards - Heroic20%
Soulblade of the Breaking Storm - Heroic TF2.22%
Ionized Yojamban Carapace - Heroic TF2.22%
Lightningweaver Gauntlets - Heroic22.22%
Lightning-Eye Hood - Heroic4.44%
Jerthud, Graceful Hand of the Savior - Heroic TF2.22%
Jinrokhs Soulcrystal - Heroic11.11%
Static-Shot Shoulderguards - Heroic TF2.22%
Renatakis Soul Charm - Heroic2.22%
Robes of Static Bursts - Heroic6.67%
Alsets Tormented Leggings - Heroic6.67%
Alsets Tormented Leggings - Heroic TF4.44%
Renatakis Soul Charm - Heroic TF2.22%
Jinrokhs Soulcrystal - Heroic TF4.44%
Spearmans Jingling Leggings - Heroic TF6.67%
Bracers of Constant Implosion - Heroic TF2.22%
Worldbreakers Stormscythe - Heroic TF2.22%
Ionized Yojamban Carapace - Heroic8.89%
Fissure-Split Shoulderwraps - Heroic4.44%
Worldbreakers Stormscythe - Heroic2.22%
Ghostbinder Greatboots - Heroic Thunderforged2.22%
Cloudbreaker Greatbelt - Heroic2.22%
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