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Boss History for Cache of Storms - Heroic

First kill: 04/18/2013
Total kills: 30
Item Drop Rate
Archaic Protectors Legguards16.67%
Nova-Binder Breastplate6.67%
Longdraw Chain Belt16.67%
Starwalker Sandals16.67%
Cosmicfire Legwraps10%
Yellow Dawn Lightningcloak13.33%
Jingling Fetishgirdle13.33%
Robes of Nova10%
White Snow Skycloak16.67%
Time-Lost Greaves10%
Sparkstring Chain Leggings16.67%
Ra-dens Contemplative Loop - Heroic TF13.33%
Legguards of Awaked Repair - Heroic TF10%
Ra-dens Summoning Band - Heroic TF23.33%
Hypersensitive Sollerets - Heroic TF13.33%
Roots of Pain - Heroic TF6.67%
Sabatons of the Superior Being - Heroic TF10%
Ra-dens Evolving Signet13.33%
Flare-Forged Greatbelt6.67%
Treads of Delicate Fascia13.33%
Legplates of Lightning Blood - Heroic TF3.33%
Chains of Counted Souls - Heroic TF13.33%
Lightning-Walker Clawfeet - Heroic TF16.67%
Bubbling Anima Belt - Heroic TF16.67%
Legguards of Surreal Visions - Heroic TF10%
Carapace of the Core - Heroic TF6.67%
Ra-dens Ruinous Ring - Heroic TF10%
Chestguard of Coruscating Blades - Heroic TF6.67%
Cracklesnap Clasp - Heroic TF26.67%
Treads of the Sanguine Volley - Heroic TF13.33%
Robes of Contagious Time - Heroic TF6.67%
Planet-Birthed Cuirass - Heroic TF13.33%
Worldbender Waistband - Heroic TF13.33%
Scales of Shaped Flesh - Heroic TF13.33%
Twist-Toe Tabi - Heroic TF6.67%
Starburner Robes - Heroic TF6.67%
Leggings of the Discarded Warning - Heroic TF13.33%
Ra-dens Swift Seal - Heroic TF13.33%
Grey Wind Mistcloak - Heroic TF6.67%
Detonation Cord - Heroic TF3.33%
Kilt of Perpetual Genuflection - Heroic Thunderforged3.33%
Black Night Thundercloak - Heroic Thunderforged3.33%
Vita-Binder Wrap - Heroic Thunderforged6.67%
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