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Boss History for Sun Tenderheart

First kill: 09/10/2013
Total kills: 6
Item Drop Rate
Shoulderpads of Dou Dou Chong16.67%
Darkfallen Shoulderplates50%
Softfoots Last Resort16.67%
Purehearted Cricket Cage50%
Lifebane Bracers - Warforged16.67%
Sha-Seared Sandals - Warforged16.67%
Gloomwrap Greatcloak16.67%
Poisonbinder Girth16.67%
Sabatons of Defilement16.67%
Sha-Seared Sandals33.33%
Stonetoes Tormented Treads16.67%
Sorrowpath Signet33.33%
Grips of the Fallen Council16.67%
Shoulders of the Roiling Inferno16.67%
Rooks Unlucky Talisman16.67%
Petrified Pennyroyal Ring16.67%
Shoulderpads of Dou Dou Chong - Warforged16.67%
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