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Boss History for Tears of the Vale - Heroic

First kill: 09/17/2013
Total kills: 65
Item Drop Rate
Salt Water Sandals - Heroic Warforged7.69%
Immerseus Crystalline Eye - Heroic Warforged7.69%
Salt Water Sandals - Heroic6.15%
Puddle Punishers - Heroic10.77%
Seal of Eternal Sorrow - Heroic Warforged7.69%
Waterwalker Greatboots - Heroic12.31%
Bubble-Burst Bracers - Heroic9.23%
Immerseus Crystalline Eye - Heroic6.15%
Seal of Eternal Sorrow - Heroic10.77%
Treads of Unchained Hate - Heroic Warforged1.54%
Corruption-Rotted Gauntlets - Heroic10.77%
Cloak of Misguided Power - Heroic9.23%
Bracers of Sordid Sleep - Heroic13.85%
Hood of Swirling Senses - Heroic3.08%
Hood of Blackened Tears - Heroic13.85%
Purified Bindings of Immerseus - Heroic15.38%
Bracers of Purified Spirit - Heroic Warforged3.08%
Bolt-Burster Grips - Heroic12.31%
Treads of Unchained Hate - Heroic10.77%
Ichor-Dripping Shoulderpads - Heroic7.69%
Hood of Swirling Senses - Heroic Warforged4.62%
Bracers of Sordid Sleep - Heroic Warforged4.62%
Soul-Soaked Gloves - Heroic9.23%
Pauldrons of Violent Eruption - Heroic4.62%
Trident of Corrupted Waters - Heroic6.15%
Encapsulated Essence of Immerseus - Heroic4.62%
Purified Bindings of Immerseus - Heroic Warforged4.62%
Greatbelt of Living Waters - Heroic3.08%
Greatbelt of Living Waters - Heroic Warforged6.15%
Waterwalker Greatboots - Heroic Warforged3.08%
Corruption-Rotted Gauntlets - Heroic Warforged6.15%
Bracers of Purified Spirit - Heroic12.31%
Pauldrons of Violent Eruption - Heroic Warforged1.54%
Ichor-Dripping Shoulderpads - Heroic Warforged6.15%
Soul-Soaked Gloves - Heroic Warforged3.08%
Trident of Corrupted Waters - Heroic Warforged3.08%
Chestplate of Congealed Corrosion - Heroic7.69%
Cloak of Misguided Power - Heroic Warforged1.54%
Bubble-Burst Bracers - Heroic Warforged4.62%
Chestplate of Congealed Corrosion - Heroic Warforged3.08%
Puddle Punishers - Heroic Warforged1.54%
Cloak of Misguided Power - Mythic Warforged3.08%
Bracers of Purified Spirit - Mythic1.54%
Hood of Swirling Senses - Mythic1.54%
Hood of Blackened Tears - Mythic1.54%
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