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Boss History for Earthbreaker Haromm - Heroic

First kill: 09/17/2013
Total kills: 61
Item Drop Rate
Echoes of War1.64%
Wolf-Rider Spurs - Heroic Warforged4.92%
Kardris Scepter - Heroic14.75%
Haromms Frozen Crescent - Heroic6.56%
Wolf-Rider Spurs - Heroic8.2%
Toxic Tornado Treads - Heroic8.2%
Darkfang Mask - Heroic Warforged6.56%
Ashen Wall Girdle - Heroic3.28%
Rious Vigilant Leggings - Heroic13.11%
Darkfang Mask - Heroic13.11%
Breastplate of Shamanic Mirrors - Heroic11.48%
Kardris Toxic Totem - Heroic18.03%
Poisonmist Nightcloak - Heroic14.75%
Ashflare Pendant - Heroic8.2%
Shackles of Stinking Slime - Heroic8.2%
Belt of the Iron Prison - Heroic Warforged1.64%
Ashflare Pendant - Heroic Warforged8.2%
Ring of the Iron Tomb - Heroic4.92%
Shackles of Stinking Slime - Heroic Warforged6.56%
Haromms Horrifying Helm - Heroic18.03%
Shoulderguards of Foul Streams - Heroic Warforged4.92%
Iron Wolf Hood - Heroic Warforged4.92%
Kardris Toxic Totem - Heroic Warforged8.2%
Toxic Tornado Treads - Heroic Warforged4.92%
Belt of the Iron Prison - Heroic6.56%
Damrons Belt of Darkness - Heroic4.92%
Breastplate of Shamanic Mirrors - Heroic Warforged6.56%
Iron Wolf Hood - Heroic9.84%
Shoulderguards of Foul Streams - Heroic9.84%
Shoulderplates of Gushing Geysers - Heroic8.2%
Haromms Talisman - Heroic3.28%
Ring of the Iron Tomb - Heroic Warforged1.64%
Bloodclaw Band - Heroic1.64%
Damrons Belt of Darkness - Heroic Warforged1.64%
Kardris Scepter - Heroic Warforged4.92%
Ashen Wall Girdle - Heroic Warforged3.28%
Haromms Talisman - Heroic Warforged9.84%
Bloodclaw Band - Heroic Warforged1.64%
Haromms Horrifying Helm - Heroic Warforged3.28%
Marcos Crackling Gloves1.64%
Toxic Tornado Treads - Mythic Warforged1.64%
Ashen Wall Girdle - Mythic1.64%
Kardris' Toxic Totem - Mythic Warforged4.92%
Haromm's Frozen Crescent - Mythic1.64%
Ring of the Iron Tomb - Mythic1.64%
Belt of the Iron Prison - Mythic Warforged3.28%
Riou's Vigilant Leggings - Mythic Warforged3.28%
Plans: Balanced Trillium Ingot and Its Uses - Mythic1.64%
Haromm's Horrifying Helm - Mythic Warforged1.64%
Shoulderguards of Foul Streams - Mythic1.64%
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