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Boss History for Unlocked Stockpile of Pandaren Spoils - Heroic

First kill: 09/17/2013
Total kills: 56
Item Drop Rate
Echoes of War1.79%
Helm of the Night Watchman - Heroic10.71%
Shado-Pan Reliquary Kilt - Heroic7.14%
Sigil of Rampage - Heroic Warforged5.36%
Sigil of Rampage - Heroic19.64%
Avools Ancestral Bracers - Heroic Warforged7.14%
Immaculately Preserved Wand - Heroic12.5%
Avools Ancestral Bracers - Heroic17.86%
Mantid Carapace Augments - Heroic14.29%
Pandaren Roofsprinters - Heroic8.93%
Mantid Viziers Robes - Heroic14.29%
Seal of the Forgotten Kings - Heroic3.57%
Untarnishable Greatbelt - Heroic14.29%
Bracers of the Pristine Purifier - Heroic16.07%
Ancient Mogu Tower Shield - Heroic16.07%
Lost Necklace of the Mogu Empress - Heroic10.71%
Untarnishable Greatbelt - Heroic Warforged1.79%
Klaxxi Grips of Rejuvenation - Heroic12.5%
Immaculately Preserved Wand - Heroic Warforged12.5%
Ominous Mogu Greatboots - Heroic Warforged5.36%
Arrowflight Girdle - Heroic16.07%
Chitin-Link Chain Belt - Heroic16.07%
Mantid Viziers Robes - Heroic Warforged7.14%
Mogu Mindbenders Greaves - Heroic17.86%
Shado-Pan Reliquary Kilt - Heroic Warforged3.57%
Ominous Mogu Greatboots - Heroic10.71%
Plate Belt of the War-Healer - Heroic3.57%
Mogu Mindbenders Greaves - Heroic Warforged5.36%
Klaxxi Grips of Rejuvenation - Heroic Warforged7.14%
Enchanted Shao-Tien Saber - Heroic5.36%
Enchanted Shao-Tien Saber - Heroic Warforged3.57%
Ancient Archers Chestguard - Heroic12.5%
Seal of the Forgotten Kings - Heroic Warforged3.57%
Arrowflight Girdle - Heroic Warforged5.36%
Helm of the Night Watchman - Heroic Warforged1.79%
Pandaren Roofsprinters - Heroic Warforged3.57%
Chitin-Link Chain Belt - Heroic Warforged3.57%
Mantid Carapace Augments - Heroic Warforged3.57%
Bracers of the Pristine Purifier - Heroic Warforged1.79%
Lost Necklace of the Mogu Empress - Heroic Warforged3.57%
Ominous Mogu Greatboots - Mythic Warforged1.79%
Untarnishable Greatbelt - Mythic1.79%
Helm of the Night Watchman - Mythic1.79%
Arrowflight Girdle - Mythic1.79%
Pandaren Roofsprinters - Mythic Warforged1.79%
Mantid Vizier's Robes - Mythic1.79%
Immaculately Preserved Wand - Mythic1.79%
Sigil of Rampage - Mythic1.79%
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