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Boss History for Garrosh Hellscream - Heroic

First kill: 10/03/2013
Total kills: 55
Item Drop Rate
Belt of the Broken Pact - Heroic18.18%
Spaulders of the Fallen Warchief - Heroic9.09%
Chestguard of Relentless Tyranny - Heroic16.36%
Essence of the Cursed Protector - Heroic40%
Essence of the Cursed Vanquisher - Heroic34.55%
Revelations of YShaarj - Heroic10.91%
Seal of Karmic Return - Heroic Warforged3.64%
Curse of Hubris - Heroic Warforged3.64%
Korkron Juggernaut45.45%
Cowl of Smoking Dreams - Heroic10.91%
Ebon Ritual Hood - Heroic10.91%
Essence of the Cursed Conqueror - Heroic25.45%
Shoulderguards of Intended Power - Heroic12.73%
Penetrating Gaze of YShaarj - Heroic Warforged7.27%
Greathelm of the Warchief - Heroic Warforged3.64%
Curse of Hubris - Heroic10.91%
Horned Mace of the Old Ones - Heroic Warforged9.09%
Horned Mace of the Old Ones - Heroic9.09%
Chestplate of Fallen Passion - Heroic Warforged3.64%
Greathelm of the Warchief - Heroic16.36%
Hopeglow Spaulders - Heroic Warforged5.45%
Black Blood of YShaarj - Heroic Warforged9.09%
Korkron Spire of Supremacy - Heroic Warforged1.82%
Mantle of Looming Darkness - Heroic16.36%
Chestplate of Fallen Passion - Heroic20%
Korkron Spire of Supremacy - Heroic10.91%
Legplates of Unthinking Strife - Heroic9.09%
Xalatoh, Desecrated Image of Gorehowl - Heroic1.82%
Xalatoh, Desecrated Image of Gorehowl - Heroic Warforged5.45%
Belt of the Broken Pact - Heroic Warforged5.45%
Korkron Elite Skullmask - Heroic12.73%
Hopeglow Spaulders - Heroic5.45%
Seal of Karmic Return - Heroic5.45%
Penetrating Gaze of YShaarj - Heroic7.27%
Spaulders of the Fallen Warchief - Heroic Warforged7.27%
Black Blood of YShaarj - Heroic7.27%
Cowl of Smoking Dreams - Heroic Warforged3.64%
Cord of Black Dreams - Heroic Warforged5.45%
Cord of Black Dreams - Heroic5.45%
Legplates of Unthinking Strife - Heroic Warforged1.82%
Tusks of Mannoroth - Heroic1.82%
Ebon Ritual Hood - Heroic Warforged7.27%
Korkron Elite Skullmask - Heroic Warforged3.64%
Revelations of YShaarj - Heroic Warforged5.45%
Chestguard of Relentless Tyranny - Heroic Warforged3.64%
Mantle of Looming Darkness - Heroic Warforged1.82%
Seal of Karmic Return - Mythic3.64%
Chestplate of Fallen Passion - Mythic1.82%
Cowl of Smoking Dreams - Mythic Warforged1.82%
Ebon Ritual Hood - Mythic Warforged1.82%
Mantle of Looming Darkness - Mythic1.82%
Xal'atoh, Desecrated Image of Gorehowl - Mythic1.82%
Curse of Hubris - Mythic1.82%
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