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Boss History for Brackenspore - Mythic

First kill: 12/10/2014
Total kills: 15
Item Drop Rate
Mosscrusher Sabatons - Heroic6.67%
Girdle of the Infected Mind - Heroic Socket13.33%
Sandals of Mycoid Musing - Heroic6.67%
Deep Walker Paulders - Heroic13.33%
Moss-Woven Mailshirt - Heroic13.33%
Fleshchewer Greatbelt - Heroic Warforged6.67%
Robes of Necrotic Whispers6.67%
Deep Walker Paulders - Mythic26.67%
Robes of Necrotic Whispers - Mythic13.33%
Moss-Woven Mailshirt - Mythic13.33%
Fleshchewer Greatbelt - Mythic Socket13.33%
Maw of Souls - Mythic26.67%
Girdle of the Infected Mind - Mythic20%
Cloak of Creeping Necrosis - Mythic Warforged13.33%
Sandals of Mycoid Musing - Mythic26.67%
Bottle of Infesting Spores - Mythic6.67%
Sandals of Mycoid Musing - Mythic Warforged6.67%
Mosscrusher Sabatons - Mythic6.67%
Fleshchewer Greatbelt - Mythic13.33%
Deep Walker Paulders - Mythic Warforged6.67%
Moss-Woven Mailshirt - Mythic Socket13.33%
Collar of Wailing Mouths - Mythic6.67%
Crystalline Branch of the Brackenspore - Mythic20%
Maw of Souls - Mythic Warforged6.67%
Bottle of Infesting Spores - Mythic Socket6.67%
Deep Walker Paulders - Mythic Warforged Socket6.67%
Sandals of Mycoid Musing - Mythic Socket6.67%
Mosscrusher Sabatons - Mythic Warforged6.67%
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